$5,500,000 Acquisition Financing – Asset Based Loan – Manufacturer – New York:
AltCap Lending Network recently provided a $5,500,000 acquisition financing facility (consisting of a term loan on equipment and a revolving loan on the A/R and inventory) to a private equity firm in Indiana to acquire a furniture manufacturer in New York.  The borrower had been turned down by several lenders as they were seeking a “true” asset based loan where the lender loans on the assets value and does not require the borrower to personally guarantee the loan.

$3,500,000 Acquisition Financing – Bridge Loan – Commercial Real Estate – Colorado:
AltCap Lending Network recently provided a $3,500,000 bridge financing facility secured by several industrial buildings in Denver, Colorado allowing the buyer to complete the acquisition at a discounted price.

 $400,000 Auction – Equipment – Indiana and Michigan:
AltCap Asset Advisors recently facilitated the sale of $400,000 in surplus recycling and general equipment for a metal recycling company with locations in Indiana and Michigan in Chapter 11.  The sale included scrap & material handling equipment, excavators, grapplers, wheel loaders, car crusher, etc.

$6,000,000 Auction – Complete Mill – Maine:
AltCap Asset Advisors recently facilitated the acquisition and auction of a complete mill in Maine that manufactured paper and tissue products before liquidating in Chapter 11.  The auction sale generated over $6,000,000 and included paper and tissue manufacturing equipment, waste treatment plant, various buildings, machine shops and lab equipment.


“AltCap Lending did so much for me. I needed money to purchase equipment immediately and I didn’t know where to go. With the help of Shawn and his team, I was able to get the money I needed when I needed them the most. Thank you for everything.”  Tom, Owner – Contractor